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May the 4th Be With You!

In honor of what has been dubbed "National Star Wars Day," I wanted to share with you all some of the Star Wars projects I have done and why each project was made!

This is a personal favorite of mine, for Christmas, I made this for my boyfriend's father in 2022. It is a patchwork quilt with Darth Vader's lightsaber design in the center. I would change the black fabric and stick to red. But besides that one nitpick I love how this came out!

This is my...unique baby Yoda using a pattern made by Choly Knight (a great pattern maker and seamstress that I recommend for any beginner!) This was done for my oldest brother to gift his teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week, as you may have guessed this specific teacher loves Baby Yoda or more accurately Grogu!

And finally, we come to this abomination! My first attempt at embroidery felt. The design of a Stormtrooper was made for a keychain that my brother also asked to be made for teacher appreciation week. However, the story of this one is a bit more special because this specific teacher is part of a charity called 501st Legion (if you love Star Wars and charitable cases please check them out!)

Of course, I may make many more in the future, Star Wars is something that has touched the lives of so many and I can't wait to make more projects that can incorporate this amazing franchise to bring joy to people! Happy 4th everyone!

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