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Baby's First Birthday Quilt

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Introducing a custom patchwork quilt made especially for our little one's first birthday! This one-of-a-kind quilt was designed with care and attention to detail, featuring a unique and playful combination of fabrics.

With a bold black number 1 made from square blocks at the center, surrounded by three different patterned fabrics (including Mandalorian comic patterned fabric, Seasame Street patterned fabric, and a Harry Potter Gryffindor fabric), this quilt captures the fun and adventurous spirit of childhood.

But that's not all - the back of the quilt also features a unique design! Made from soft and cozy red fleece, the back of the quilt features Elmo's eyes and nose made from fleece as well, adding an extra touch of playfulness and whimsy to this special piece.

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