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Ugasisvelta Custom Plushie

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Introducing a custom plushie commission made especially for Ugasisvelta! This one-of-a-kind doll was crafted by hand to bring to life her unique character design.

With black hair featuring green tips made from fleece, a grey shirt with a frowning face made from fleece, and light brown cargo shorts made from fleece, this plushie captures the essence of Ugasisvelta's character. The brown boots made with fleece, black and green shoelaces, and bandages made with fleece around the arms add to the attention to detail.

With black gloves made from fleece and a choker made from fleece with a chain and fake gems, this plushie has all the accessories to make it a perfect representation of Ugasisvelta's character design. The red eyes made from felt and the smile with a single sharp tooth sticking out from her smile give this plushie a unique and playful look.

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